How Does It Work?

  • Interchange – consists of the over 440 rate categories (which vary by card and transaction type). Rates vary widely but interchange rate categories are the same for all processors, and as such represent the base “cost of goods” in this industry (along with the assessment fees).
  • Assessment fees – the fees Visa, MasterCard and Discover charge for each transaction. This fee does not vary by card or transaction types. Assessment fees, like interchange rates, do not vary by processor.
  • Processor fee – the fee we, your processor, charges. This is the only negotiable part of the interchange plus pricing model available to the merchant, as it represents the processor’s profit margin. This fee does not vary by card or transaction type.

The type of card being used (debit, credit, personal, business, etc.), the way a card is processed (online, swiped through a machine, etc.) and other variables combine to determine which interchange category a transaction qualifies to, and ultimately the amount of the final charge.

The Interchange Advantage

Interchange plus pricing is the most transparent, cost-effective form of merchant account pricing. By passing interchange fees directly to merchants with a fixed processor fee, surcharges and hidden costs are eliminated so it a yields a substantial savings over the more common practice of tiered pricing.

If you, as a small business person, do only one thing to reduce your overhead, moving to Interchange Plus Processing dot com for your merchant processing services should be that thing.

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